Group Services

The Community Counseling Center offers psycho-educational and therapeutic groups on adult and adolescent anger management and substance abuse. Research shows that education and support offered in a group setting greatly improves individual understanding of their behaviors towards others. Confidentiality and respect are main components of the group atmosphere.

Anger Management

In this group, skills are developed to cope with anger and learn tips on how to communicate better in relationships at home and at work.  Court-ordered participants are required to attend 13 groups and can miss up to three before starting over.  Groups can be attended voluntarily as well, and participants can continue to attend groups after completing the 13 meetings at a reduced cost. Please call for more information about these groups.

Substance Abuse

CCC has provided a variety of substance abuse treatment options for many years.  This division of our agency is overseen by a licensed clinician.  While our treatment focuses primarily on the individual who is struggling with addiction/dependency, we are also sensitive to the impact that is felt by friends, family and to the community at large. We believe that the support of caring and knowledgeable peers and mentors/role models is beneficial in recovery. We also strongly encourage clients to engage in 12-step recovery groups, and require that group participation in our more intensive levels of treatment.

Individual Assessments

Persons seeking or being ordered to the Substance Abuse Service will generally undergo an individual 1 ½ hour assessment. Here the person’s history of substance use is reviewed and their current level of dependency is assessed using a variety of instruments. These include the Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (MAST) and Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI). Information from previous treatment providers as well as court documents, probation reports, etc. are reviewed, if relevant. The assessment, which results in a diagnosis and recommendation for treatment, may include the client’s significant others.

Group Counseling

We provide two levels of outpatient group counseling. Clients are assigned to a group designed to meet their level of need which is determined during their assessment. All groups may be supplemented with individual and/or family sessions. Alcohol and random drug testing (via breathalyzer and urine screens) is used to help ensure compliance with sobriety.


This group or individual treatment is designed for first offenders, and persons who are determined to have a mild to moderate level of dependency on use of alcohol or drugs who are generally referred by community probation officers. The group meets weekly for 10 one-hour sessions, and groups are held periodically throughout the year.

Treatment Group

Persons in this group have a moderate to severe level of dependency. It is often ordered by a court, probation officer, or the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP).  The group consists of ten 1 ½ hour meetings, and attendance at least 10 AA/NA support groups is a requirement of participation.  Members will be screened for alcohol consumption with a breathalyzer during each meeting, and at least two urine screens will be taken at random times during this program.